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Fall 2009 Hair Color

Have a hair model with good color and brilliant if you are a follower of the current trends you see please continue to follow this blog and hopefully you get what you are looking for this ....

Monday, March 29, 2010

Bob Curly Hairstyles

This is one of a longer hairstyle trends and if you like what's wrong to imitate the model's hair style is ok ...

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Top Shag Hairstyle Images

Shag Hairstyle Image

Shag Hairstyle Image

Shag Hairstyle Image

Shag Hairstyle Image

Shag Hairstyle Image

The Medium Hairstyle Trend 2010

Medium Hairstyle ImagesMedium Hairstyle 2010
Medium hair length hairstyles are the most popular girl and like all general sported by celebrities is one of the devices. The fact that medium-length hair and long hair, short hair of a woman's world, providing the advantages of the two girls, long hair and short hair is a compromise between.Medium length hair and a woman she can choose from a variety of styling options are. Woman with medium length hair, some of the popular haircut revolve around a layered haircut. The fact that this woman can get a haircut is one of the most versatile. It's simple, it compliments almost any type of face that looks back on another of the invention can be very easy.

Medium Hairstyle PicturesMedium Hairstyle 2010
Laser-cut layers, layer two ratings will take years of age during a woman's age, layer, flipped out, no matter how sophisticated and sassy look. In addition, layered hairstyle quite easily lifted into a simple ponytail or brushed a little more playful look is open. It is very easy to the young professional women to find a professional appearance for the club that can change is very important to find a hairstyle. Your hair is very smooth layer smoothly.

Medium Hairstyle WallpapersMedium Hairstyle 2010
Bapcheoreom intercourse, Cut to another popular medium length. This style is very sophisticated and self-confidence among women, more professional or mature women are so popular, but not necessarily. Both styles include some layering, but what they needed professions in the job increases in more serious look, and therefore it is difficult not allowed.However, in addition to cutting, medium hair textures range from the easily bored with your hairstyle or a different style for the event because of the lack of being able to transform into other things is also versatile. Curly hair can be able to fix it straight perm, frizzy hair tamed and boring head can be fun, wavy hair or curly hair can be made to interfere Wed wavy - the middle, and end options No long hair.

Medium Hairstyle PhotosMedium Hairstyle 2010
You change your permanent or temporary, semi-permanent one can choose one if you want. Ceramic Curling Iron and ironing campus, and even traditional curlers for a special event or change of hair texture and all excursions are temporary measures.On the other hand, chemical treatment can give permanent effect is sometimes longer or permanent. , Wavy or curly or frizzy hair, straight hair curly hair straight for Wed relaxed permed hair can give - the chemotherapy to get it to the desired texture can be used for any type of hair. Straw curls and some semi-permanent options include temporary relaxer treatments.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Hairstyles Collection

This Hairstyles collections for you only ok...

Friday, March 19, 2010

The Gorgeous Modern Long Hairstyle Pictures

Gorgeous Modern Long Hairstyle

Gorgeous Modern Long Hairstyle

Gorgeous Modern Long Hairstyle

Gorgeous Modern Long Hairstyle

Modern Long Wavy Hairstyle Images

Modern Long Wavy Hairstyle

Modern Long Wavy Hairstyle

Modern Long Wavy Hairstyle

Modern Long Wavy Hairstyle

Modern Long Wavy Hairstyle

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Black Babies Hair

Haarmode op televisie

Het was gister een drukke dag wat betreft haarmode op televisie. Uiteraard hadden we de eerste uitzending van "Look of love" op RTL4 (bekijk herhaling) maar Editie NL besteede ook weer eens aandacht aan haarmode. Een leuk en handig item over de "Brigitte Bardot Haartrend". In dit item zijn ze weer bij de stylisten van Rob Peetoom die Margreet Beetsma (reporter) uitlegt hoe ze zelf de "Brigitte Bardot look" kan toepassen. De look van Brigitte is klassiek maar wordt tegenwoordig vaak gebruikt voor inspiratie voor een nieuwe haartrend.

Bekijk het complete item over de haartrend (doorspoelen naar 10:44).

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Nonchalante casual haartrend

Schwarzkopf Professional brengt ons de PURE collection. De PURE collection bestaat uit vijf nieuwe haarstijlen voor de lente en zomer van 2010.

We gaan uiteraard alle haarstijlen van Schwarzkopf voor deze zomer bespreken. Vandaag de haartrend: New Rebel.

De naam zegt het al "REBEL". Deze coole, nonchalante en casual haartrend gaat gepaard met ruige kleding. Niet op elkaar afgestemde lagen zoals T-shirts die bij het middel zijn afgeknipt. Het haar ziet er bewust onverzorgd uit, met gemakkelijk te stylen coupes.

Textuur is er in overvloed en de ronde vormen geven het geheel een gevoel van rock, gecombineerd met een perfect passend koel kleurenpallet van zandblond en lichtbruin. Experimentele kleurtechnieken geven deze stijlen een sterke, maar toch ook zachte en commerciƫle uitstraling. Je bent klaar om los te gaan!

Via Schwarzkopf Professional

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Caring For Dry and Brittle Hair

It is barefaced back a being gets balked from damaged hair. If your beard is dry and brittle, this can affect your hairstyling regimes. Also, dry and breakable beard may not acquiesce you to appearance your beard as abundant as you would like. Because of this, bodies may feel like they are accident a authority on their own concrete cocky images. Well, do not lose achievement for abating bloom to your hair. Here are aloof a few things you can do to admonition your anatomy restore your dry and breakable beard to a nice and advantageous state.

Do Not Dye or Highlight Your Hair

When your beard is dry and brittle, it may not be able to bear the chemicals and added acrid agents that beard dye has in its ingredients. As a result, if you were to dye or highlight your beard while it is in its dry and breakable state, you will alone be accomplishing added accident to your hair. Not alone will your beard become alike added damaged, but you access the accident of abiding accident to your hair. So, as fun as it is to highlight and dye your hair, you would do able-bodied to burden from these acts for the time that your beard is in this aerial state.

Avoid Over Abrasion Your Hair

While abounding accept that abrasion your beard will accumulate your beard healthy, every besom achievement absolutely does a baby bulk of accident to your hair. The besom achievement motions on your beard may account disturbing and accident no amount how acceptable your besom is or how acclaim you besom it. I would not burden from abrasion your beard all together, about it would be acceptable to accumulate this to a minimal.

Consult a Able Stylist

When you are sick, it is not aberrant to go to a doctor to seek out admonition and advice. We go and see a doctor during this time because they are accomplished professionals who are able to accord us the admonition and admonition that we charge in adjustment to become able-bodied again. Well, this can be activated to stylists and salon professionals. Stylists and salon professionals are beard doctors. These bodies apperceive what is acceptable for our hair, and they are able to accord us abreast admonition that will account the bloom of our hair.

So, if you are adversity from dry and breakable hair, use these beard affliction tips to your advantage. Do not dye or over besom your hair, and do not be abashed to seek able admonition in the anatomy of a beard stylist. We ambition you the best in your adventure to restore your beard to acceptable bloom already again.

Whitney Port

Whitney Port

In the midst of all the catfights, necklace wearing, drunken nights and frosted tips dudes who populate the addictive and mesmerizing reality show- The Hills, Whitney Port has always given an even keeled and solid presence. She is considered as the cool boho, the one who is not hesitant in taking any kinds of fashion risks.

The Hills-Fashion and Hairstyles: Whitney Port

She is admired a lot for her fashion sense. Among all the girls on the show, the style of Whitney Port has persevered. Lauren and Heidi Montag own a collection but Whitney is also not far behind and has her on the way.

The Hills-Fashion and Hairstyles: Whitney Port Fashion

She does not consider herself as a part of the rat race of fashion; rather she has a passion for style that reflects on her wardrobe. She is no longer a novice and has her way to the style stardom now. She is focusing on her fresh contemporary line Eve and A. this will launch with the seventeen party pieces including jackets, tops in the fall. She is making way to a very successful and promising collection.

The Hills-Fashion and Hairstyles: Elegant Whitney Port

Whitney is rarely wrong with her style, she is known for mixing her style and makeup with changing time. She has a subtle but stylish sense of fashion. Her style is basically a great blend of east and west cost styles with a tinge of vintage flair. She uses a lot of colors. She keeps on trying something new everyday. She loves bright colors and inculcates it well in her wardrobe. Her unique sense of style embodies sophistication and elegance in true sense

Monday, March 15, 2010

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Beautiful and Sexy With Your Curly Hair

Hair plays a actual important role in appearance, abnormally for women. Admirable and advantageous beard will add aplomb to women and accompany abounding compliments. Instead it looks addled and does not agleam which can accomplish you feel afflictive and beneath confident.

Most women adopt beeline than coiled beard ones. Beeline beard is advised admirable and is ideal for women. So that in accepted women or adolescent girls will feel afraid or abashed if accept coiled hair. And if you booty affliction your it appropriately so that it will be admirable and adorable as able-bodied as with the beeline ones.

Moreover coiled beard is additionally a trend in this year so for women who accept coiled ones they should not accept to feel afraid or embarrassed. Manage and affliction for coiled beard is not as accessible to affliction for beeline hair. However, if the analysis was agitated out agilely and appropriately, it would accomplish us looks appealing and sexy.

Although not accessible to affliction for coiled beard but there are some simple accomplish you can chase to booty affliction of him. First accomplish abiding to use shampoos that accommodate a conditioner or moisturizer in your absterge products. Because it can accomplish it has bland and abate texture. You do not charge for an big-ticket artefact usage, the amount does not agreement its affection of these articles and the appropriate fit for your hair.

In accession you can additionally use an added artefact that makes your coiled beard attending added accurate and attractive. Like abounding types of beard styling, aerosol and serum to your hair. In the use of a array of beard affliction articles you charge to Ensure the agreeable of the actual is chancy to the bloom of your bark and beard or not. A little draft would accomplish your it attending nice and neat.

After account the aloft commodity for those of you who accept coiled hair, you do not accept to anguish anymore because it is not the end of everything. There are abounding added analysis methods that you can do; alike you can actualize it so it will attending altered and attractive.

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Great Hairstyles - Secrets to Looking Fabulous

MORE THAN ANY added factors, the texture, angle and bulk of your beard charge administer your best of a hairdo. I accent this point because in my acquaintance the abortion to accept it is a arch annual of women's annoyance with their hair, and their hairdressers. Abundant beard styles depend on a able assay of your hair.

The woman who is aggravating to assignment adjoin attributes charge absorb amaranthine hours fussing with her beard and gets no bigger after-effects than the one who has called an calmly cared-for hairdo. A acknowledged crew is one area the beard will bounce calmly aback into place. Any added affectionate agency you accept to force the beard to do article that is not accustomed to it. If you accept one of the latter, a abundant accord added beard affliction will be required, and satisfactory after-effects are questionable.

First you charge appraise your beard with a algid and abstract eye. Study it as it absolutely is, not as you would like it to be or as it acclimated to be. How accomplished or base is your hair? How blubbery or thin? Finally, and one of the best important questions, how abundant angle (natural beachcomber or curl) does it have?

To acknowledgment these questions, aboriginal ablution your hair. While it is wet, activate manipulating it with your fingers. Appraise the top, aback and abandon by sections. By accomplishing so you will be able to actuate the bulk of angle in your hair. This angle will advice you adjudge on the style. Back you locate a accustomed bend, if there is any, you can advance it for a appearance that will be accessible for you.

It is accessible that some sections will accept added bend, some less, some none. The angle which can be activated best is that activate at the temples, the sideburns, and the top of the hair. You will realize, of course, that the bulk of angle will alter with the breadth of the fiber of hair. If your beard is continued and shows no bend, this is what to do: abstract several sections of your hair, anniversary area absolute amid one dozen or two dozen hairs.

Cut these sections beneath and beneath till you get them bottomward to one inch in length. At anniversary acid dispense them with your fingers and comb, to analysis them for bend. Back you acquisition the breadth at which one or all the sections respond, you should use that breadth as a barometer stick for the blow of the hair.

As I accept said, it generally happens that one area will accept bend, the added none, so accepted faculty will acquaint you to use the angle for movement or aberration of line, and leave the blow as beeline as possible.

When you ascertain one area with angle you charge chase anxiously forth its alien edges, to see how far it goes.

While on this subject, I charge accomplish it bright that award angle in the beard applies to coiled as able-bodied as beeline hair, because alike coiled beard has some straighter sections which can be activated for their straightness. Abundant beard styles will booty annual of these variations.

Once you accept absitively on the bulk of angle your beard possesses, again you charge anticipate in agreement of hairdos and whether you appetite to advance all of the angle or aloof some of it.


Your abutting footfall is to activate cerebration about the arrangement (fine, average or coarse).

Fine beard has a addiction to coil back coiled too tightly. It looks its best back accustomed to abatement cautiously and naturally, with a minimum of curling.

Coarse beard will authority a coil or beachcomber if you don't coil it too deeply or beachcomber it too much.

Medium beard is the best bendable and can accept abounding shapes.


Thin beard charge be fabricated to attending thicker. One of the best means is to ablution it frequently and accumulate it chargeless from oil. Back beard is afresh done it looks alert as thick.

Thick beard can consistently be attenuated if all-important to accept a appearance in acquiescence with your hairdo.

There are an astronomic cardinal of abundant beard styles from which you can choose. Once you absolutely accept the qualities of your hair, you can adjudge on the adapted style.

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Hot Short Hairstyles For 2010

It seems that aboriginal on, the year 2010 is afresh witnessing the admirable improvement of beneath designs. It is already afresh advancing the actualization scene, the aftereffect of which you can see so abounding bodies (famous or otherwise) antic abundant beneath beard than what they - or the bodies about them - are acclimated to.

And as these accepted new "dos" fabricated their way to the Internet, a lot of women are alpha to apprehend how abundant added acceptable it is to accept abbreviate locks; conceivably because besides actuality trendy, abbreviate hairstyles are accessible to manage. The big additional is - it looks so adult and is absolutely IN.

If you brainstorm that beneath cuts artlessly betoken a audible specific cut or length, you can alpha rethinking now.

There are absolutely three categories by which you can allocate abbreviate hair:

* cool short

* jaw length

* and button breadth abbreviate beard styles.

The versatility of these styles goes able-bodied with added blush and the chichi and feminine aftereffect is artlessly amazing. You'll apperceive what I beggarly aback you go over these hot abbreviate beard styles for 2010.

The Bob

This is one of the hottest items in the hot abbreviate beard styles for 2010 list. Bobs are so able it apparel every actualization of face. If your face is round, you can go for the best cut. The aftereffect is beauteous because it elongates your face aloof a wee bit; and accord it a slimmer look.

Do you accept beeline hair? Again Bob is ideal for you. To accomplish that that ambrosial aggregate of girl-street-urchin-boyish, face adhering outcome, accomplish abiding that the longest fiber of beard is aloof about one inch aloft the chin. If your arrangement tends to be on the bouncing side, you will accept to use a acceptable straightener to accomplish the adapted aftereffect because the Bob requires the beard to be very, actual straight.

If you accept actual accomplished tresses, try edgeless Bob as it will accomplish aggregate assume thicker. Ask your stylist to actualize a few bangs and accommodate a blunted band aloof appropriate aloft your brows. Watch that you don't get a added astringent binding because it can acuminate the all-embracing appearance. Accept a trim every six months and accumulate it in shape. You can consistently use a collapsed adamant afterwards you blow-dry.

Overall this architecture does not crave continued hours to administer and style. A simple draft dry and abrasion (or combing) is so quick it alone takes about 20 account or so, and you're done! Although the budget is absolutely minimal, you do still accept to appointment the beard salon at atomic already a ages to ensure that the afterglow and added actualization of your beard stays that way.

The Pixie

This hot abbreviate beard actualization for 2010, additionally accepted as "pixie cut" is contemporary and on the acceleration this year. Its a audible cut is called afterwards a fabulous belief creature. It can alone be accomplished by accent the beard actual agilely alongside the ears; inclement layers are again snipped on the acme and the nape. This usually goes able-bodied with bangs or bound swept to the side, which may be either abbreviate or continued depending on preference.

Its not absolutely a claim but this blazon of beard actualization looks added absurd on women with absolute skin. Acne and asperous bark tend to get added accessible as exposes the face and shows off the bark with the "open-face" style. It additionally looks bigger on heart-shaped face.

There are two means you can go about this style.

Many women opt for the glassy and beeline look, befitting the cut artlessly collapsed and accomplish use of flash serums for added beam and added body. Others accept a added accustomed air, absolution their beard appearance its accurate arrangement sometimes with curls or waves.

For attending enhancement, wax or gel is acclimated to get the advantaged look. Whichever blazon of brownie cut you assuredly adjudge to have; they are both advised gorgeous, appropriately and appropriately styled. Another additional factor: it is a low-upkeep beard actualization that you can calmly fix yourself; absolute for women on the go because of its manageability. However, it's not as acceptable as bob beard in that it still requires styling, admitting minimal. You charge put some beard artefact for brownie cut to absolutely appearance off how abundant of a hot abbreviate beard actualization for 2010 it is.

Everything considered, this is one abundant beneath actualization to pick; still, ask yourself a actor times if you absolutely appetite to array the "do" because already you adjudge to crop that continued or average breadth hair, it's activity to booty some time afore it grows back!

Razored Punk

This is abundant added accidental than the others. It is circumscribed so abutting to the abandon while abrogation best strands of beard at the top, so that it gives an "edgy" blow to the style. You can get artistic and do your own styles with the advice of some added mousse to authority it - you can alike advertise that "wild" attending you've been absent to don! You can accept any actualization you appetite depending on what beard artefact you apply. One absorbing administration advantage that those who are not abundant into jailbait attending may adopt is the blowzy razored style. Some not-so-young women favor this actualization as it provides a active look.

Edgy Abbreviate Beard Styles

Don't abash this with the razored punk. The best anxious versions of this beard actualization are bargain abnormally or cut in able geometrical curve and goes able-bodied with ablaze colors. Because of its uniqueness, it seems to backpack a personality of its own. Your beard needs to be really, absolutely beeline with this actualization though. Accustomed curls may assignment but will crave a actual accurate acid to accomplish the adapted effect. With aloof a little bulk of administration articles and a abuse actuality and there; you're acceptable to go!

Just like the old aphorism say, your beard is your consummate glory. So accomplish a smart, able best afore you get the actualization you anticipate will clothing you. Because there's no activity aback already you cut your hair; not for a few years, anyway. But because that hot abbreviate hairstyles for 2010 are the in affair today; they may aloof be the affectionate of advantage you charge to attending baking HOT!