Friday, September 16, 2011

Are Scene Kids Scene Hairstyles Stealers

Some scene kids steal the show in their own unique way of dressing up and the way they interact with people in the scene. They are not aware that they attract public attention, but perhaps they do this unconsciously.
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For them, that’s the way they act and speak; that’s their natural way of interacting with people. But scene kids are not trouble-makers, maybe some of them but not majority. A great number of them are gay or bi-sexual and they really attract too much attention.

For gays and bisexual, it’s their way to fit in and win friends. For them, it’s just cool; it’s just the trend, that’s all. They won’t knock others, they want peace, so don’t knock them off. They don’t intend to interfere on others’ lifestyle so, it’s improper to interfere on their lifestyle too.

A typical scene kid has black hair or some crazy colors, crazy streaks with flowing bangs covering his/her eye or both. Scene kids’ hair is dead straight, sometimes poofy-spiked at the back, whatever its name is.

Hair trends are fitted for white kids and other ethnic races but not suited to black guys. Have you seen one with a poof in the bag sporting long hair or with a shock of bangs and colorful hair?

Wear classic shoes like Converse or Vans Classics as a start then, you can wear other brands if you wish. If you prefer to wear Converse, choose the one that has bright color. You can have black or gray as well as neon red shoes if you possess a lot of confidence.
scene Pictures, Images and Photos
scene kids Pictures, Images and Photos
scene Pictures, Images and Photos
scene Pictures, Images and Photos
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