Monday, September 19, 2011

Miley Cyrus Hairstyles

Miley Cyrus is still looks like that girl next door and Miley Cyrus hairstyles look very natural. She is also a natural beauty who with her long highlighted currently red hair just looks like she slept well and is looking and feeling good. Her make up style is natural so it appears she is not wearing any make up at all and she always looks so fresh and radiant. Her eyes look like they are back lit with natural light and this facial look and skin tone works well with the Miley Cyrus hairstyles.

Whether she wears her hair with great cascading waves or ringlets Miley Cyrus hairstyles look sun kissed whether red or brunette with blonde streaks. With her fresh looking pink cheeks and full brows she does not over do the make up. On her a little goes a long way. She is young enough to carry off the dark full browed look.

Whether Miley Cyrus hairstyles have that long side part sometimes straight or sometimes uneven and pulled together in the back she then has some long tendrils that soften her face. When she does her eyebrows it pulls her whole look together along with her eye makeup colors that makes her face pop.